Two peripheral blood samples will be collected from each of the 220 expected patients (stage IA-IIIA), before the surgical resection. Circulating miRNAs will be extracted from serum using specific kits. Isolation of plasma exosomes and exosome-associated miRNA extraction will be performed using specific commercial kits. Free circulating DNA will be extracted from plasma and quantified by a Real Time PCR method. Expected results and potential impact We expect to evaluate the prognostic role of exosomal and cell-free miRNA and fcDNA for resected early-stage NSCLC patients. We will study these markers singly or in combination, for their capacity to predict patients with a high risk of relapse and poor survival with respect to those with a better prognosis. The use of non-invasive biomarkers in this setting could be very useful in the clinical practice for a better patient management.